Life Changing Experience


In 2008 I had a life changing experience. I had taken my exit after a short trip with a career choice that took over a year to achieve and found out amazingly quick that I was not suited for this career. So feeling a bit down I began to look for what else would suit me and I found real estate. I noticed that I loved looking at homes just to see what they did with floor plans, living areas, size, view, and well basically everything you can imagine. So I was looking into getting my license then when I came across Nouveau Riche,  a real estate investment education company that to me was the real deal. I got my education over a two year period and during that time became involved in real estate with my own deals and other investors I had met with theirs. Getting involved was my turning point. I experienced great deals and costly deals their after, but with every deal my experience and expertise grew. Then I found that I was still missing something. That was not sharing what I knew to help others. So I achieved my RE license and found the part I needed. I love getting to be the agent that my clients trust with one of the biggest transactions they will complete in their lives. 


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